Koster Crisin Cream – Damp Proof Course – 600ml

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Koster Crisin Cream is a high performance damp proof injection cream.

Crisin Cream is used to form an effective damp proof course (DPC) in an existing masonry wall.

Where an existing damp proof course has failed, or has been bridged by a high external ground level, this damp proof cream can be injected into the wall to prevent rising dampness.

Due to the hybrid silicone and hydrophopic resin formulation, Crisin Cream is effective in walls with a high moisture content where traditional damp proofing systems are less effective.

Simple and easy to use, Koster Crisin Cream can be installed by both professional damp proofing contractors and DIY installers.

Koster Crisin is best installed using the special applicator gun.

If you want to estimate the damp proof injection cost, consider the following usage:

9″ or 230mm wall- 1 Tube per 1.7 metre.  1 metre = 0.6 Tubes

13.5″ or 345mm wall – 1 Tube per 1.1 metre. 1 metre = 0.9 Tubes

18″ or 460mm wall–  1 Tube per 0.9 metre. 1 metre  = 1.1 Tubes


Rising dampness will cause damage to the wall plaster and render which will most likely need to be replaced as part of the damp proofing process.

Koster Restoration Plaster , available here, is typically used to replace damaged and contaminated renders.

Our guide to damp proofing walls is here

Product Data Sheet can be found here:

Delta Membranes Product Code DMS 570


Data Sheet KÖSTER Crisin Cream

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