Lift Pit Waterproofing.
New Build Project,


An effective waterproofing system was required for this basement level lift pit at a new build site in Suffolk.

It was important that the waterproofing system was external, on the outside of the structure. This meant that it was not necessary to use a loading slab internally for the heavy duty fixing bolts for the lift mechanism to protect an internal waterproofing barrier that was originally specified.

Removing this layer reduced cost on the build by reducing the required excavation and slab thickness.

Lift Pit Waterproofing


Delta Membranes DualProof was selected to provide the waterproofing for this project.

DualProof is an external, pre applied waterproofing barrier. The integral polypropeline fleece bonds to the new concrete to form a water tight seal against water ingress.

Further protection was given to the below ground construction joints by using Koster Quellband Waterbar.

Joints in the DualProof membrane were sealed using the CEM 805 Adhesive.

DualProof is lightweight and easy to install. No expensive corner ancillary products are required. As the bond between the DualProof membrane and the concrete is mechanical, it doesn’t matter if the membrane gets wet after installation. Once the concrete was poured the lift pit was waterproof and dry and no further waterproofing water required.

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