Koster NB1 Grey 25kg ( Up to 8M2@ 2 Coats)

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25kg ( Up to 8M2 @ 2 Coats)

Koster Polysil NB1 Grey – a migratory crystalline tanking slurry used to seal below ground structures against water ingress.

Koster NB1 is considered to be a Type A waterproofing system as defined by BS8102:2009 and is generally used to seal the inside face of basement structures, slabs and retaining walls.

Koster NB1 works by both providing a physical barrier against water ingress as well as providing a migratory crystal sealant that penetrates deep into the structure to seal micropores and cracks against water ingress. This unique combination means that water pressure of up to 13bar can be resisted.

Koster NB1 can be used as a secondary waterproofing system applied before a cavity drainage membrane, or even with a waterproof concrete system.

Typical Uses Include:

  • Waterproof flat soffits.
  • Waterproof solid basement stairs.
  • Waterproofing lift pits and service trenches.
  • Cellar Tanking.
  • Waterproofing of underpinning and construction joints.
Weight25 kg

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Data Sheet KÖSTER NB 1 Grey

BBA Certificate – NB1 Grey

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Koster NB 1 Grey


1 review for Koster NB1 Grey 25kg ( Up to 8M2@ 2 Coats)

  1. Robert Trevenna

    Used this to waterproof the underside of a flat soffit in an under pavement room. Worked really well at stopping water coming through the concrete when it rains.

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