Koster Restoration Plaster Key Course

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Koster Restoration Plaster Key Course is a easily workable slurry which is used as a bonding bridge between a substrate (such as a concrete or masonry wall) and Restoration Plaster, in damp proofing and basement waterproofing projects.

Koster Restoration Plaster Key Course is fast curing, meaning that is can be applied to the wall to form a key and be ready for the application of the main render coat the same day. This offers significant labour cost savings for smaller projects.

Restoration Plaster Key Course is a fast, course plaster key with polymer additives for substrate preparation. It can be applied on dry, moist, very moist and high salt burdened substrates

Product data sheet can be found here

Delta Membranes Product Code : DMS 399




Weight 25 kg

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Data Sheet M 154 025_KÖSTER Restoration Plaster Key Coarse



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  1. Nigel Meacher – NM Damp

    We had a problem in the past where one of our plasterers “keyed” the tanking slurry before rendering which stopped from working. Schoolboy error! Using sand and cement to form a splatter coat before rendering is time consuming and means that you cant apply the render until the next day (at the earliest!)

    This stuff saves loads of time as you can do the splatter coat and then render the same day. Great stuff. Bit pricey though….

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