Koster Restoration Plaster Grey – Damp Proof Plaster

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Coverage 12Kg/m2 @ 10mm thick

Koster Restoration Plaster Grey for inside and outside use, a salt and pressure resistant restoration plaster for the refurbishment of heavily moist and salt burdened substrates 

It’s suitable for the repair of moisture and salt damaged masonry, it can also be applied to reduce the formation of condensate after waterproofing rooms with high humidity using mineral sealing slurries.

It can be used to provide a render coat over Koster NB1 Grey in basement waterproofing projects as well as above ground for the placement of wall plasters in damp proofing projects. where Koster Crisin Cream has been used.

Koster Restoration Plaster Grey is suitable for multiple substrates include concrete, masonry consisting of brick, natural stone, porous concrete block and even perforated brick.

It can also be used as a water repellent exterior plaster.

Product Data Sheet can be fond here.

Delta Product Code : DMS 196



Weight 25 kg

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Data Sheet KÖSTER Restoration Plaster Grey_

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Restoration plaster Grey

1 review for Koster Restoration Plaster Grey – Damp Proof Plaster

  1. Vladimir – VG Groundworks

    I use this after damp proofing. Easy to apply and no problems with salts coming back. Great product.

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