The Best Basement Waterproofing Systems of 2023

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The DryDirect guide to 2021's basement waterproofing systems.

With more and more people looking to convert and extend basements we take a look at our most popular waterproofing systems from Delta and Koster.

Delta MS500 2m x 20m

Delta MS500 is the most popular wall membrane from Delta’s MS Cavity Drainage System.

Delta MS500 is used to provide a high capacity drainage void for the inside face of basement walls.

Any water that enters through the walls of the structure is diverted down to a drainage system in the slab.

Delta MS500 is easy to install using The Delta Qwikseal Plugs and Delta Tape

Koster NB1 Grey 25kg ( Up to 8M2@ 2 Coats)

Koster NB1 is a high performance tanking slurry for waterproofing basement walls and floors.

Koster NB1 acts as both a physical barrier against water ingress as well as a self healing migratory crystal slurry. This means that if the structure moves or crack Koster NB1 can seal faults and provide long term protection.

Koster NB1 is really easy to install and can be brush applied, this means that you wont need the specialist skills that are required for some render based tanking systems. Just follow the data sheet recommendations.

Koster Quellband Waterbar (Box 6 x 5m rolls)

Concrete construction joints are always the weakest part of a basement structure.

Koster Quellband is a great and easy way to waterproof concrete construction joints.

Placed in a joint the Quellband will expand on contact with water, filling up any gaps and sealing the joint.

Quellband is super easy to install, it can be simply pinned to the face of the concrete or glued in place using CEM805 Adhesive.

Koster NB 4000 – 25kg (hybrid waterproofing coating)

Koster NB4000 is an external waterproofing system for balconies, podium decks and walls.

Trowel applied and with excellent crack bridging properties NB4000 is very versatile due to the variety of uses and relaxed application requirements.

Koster NB4000 is trafficable, UV Stable (so can be exposed to sunlight) and can also be applied in temperatures down to 2c.

NB4000 can be rendered over making it an ideal system to link external waterproofing used on walls up to damp proof course level.


Koster KB Flex 200 is a real wonder product for basement waterproofing projects. 

Ideal for sealing those tricky service penetrations against water ingress KB flex can be injected into a void around an incoming service to provide an instant and permanent seal against groundwater ingress.

No special equipment or pumps are required as KB Flex 200 can be installed by hand using a skeleton gun (as used to apply mastic)

Need help in selecting or installing the right waterproofing system?

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