What Type Of Waterproofing?

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The Types of Waterproofing


The British Standard for Waterproofing, BS8102:2009 defines 3 “Types” of waterproofing.


Understanding the properties and the requirements of each type is crucial for the success of any basement waterproofing project.


Type A Waterproofing

Type A Basement Waterproofing Systems are barriers that are applied to the structure. And can be used either externally or internally.


  • Type A Waterproofing Barriers can be external:

Pre-applied systems such as Delta DualProof are ideal for new concrete structures. The integral polyprop fleece bonds to the outside of the new concrete creating a watertight seal.

Post-applied Type A waterproofing systems such as Koster Deuxan 2c  work really well to seal the outside of ICF or blockwork retaining walls

  • Type A waterproofing can also be used internally:

This is often used on the refurbishment of existing structures. Koster NB1 Grey fully is used to waterproof masonry walls, basement soffits and concrete slabs.


Type B Waterproofing

Type B Waterproofing is waterproof concrete or watertight concrete. Although an additive system can be used to provide a waterproof concrete structure. 300mm Concrete walls and slabs formed to BS EN 1992 with a maximum crack width of 0.2 can be considered waterproof. We would recommend the use of Koster Quellband to seal the below ground construction joints. This is a swelling hydrophilic waterbar that is included in the construction joint.



Type C Waterproofing

Type C Waterproofing is cavity drainage. Here a sealed drainage system is used internally to divert any water that enters through the basement slab of the walls into a drainage system such as a groundwater pump or, if the topography of the site allows, out to an open aspect.

Delta Channels are used to provide accessible and maintainable drainage to a Delta Sump and Pump Unit.

Delta MS500 is mechanically fixed to the walls using Delta Qwikseal Plugs, Delta MS20 is used across the basement floor slab.