Koster Facade Cream Covers 20-25m2

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Koster Facade Cream coverage up to 25M2

Koster Facade cream provides protection of masonry and stone building structures and fa?ades from water and driving rain.

Solvent free, colourless after curing, water repellent, diffusion open water repellent cream for brick, clinker, natural stone and mineral plasters.

The application of Koster Facade cream not only protects masonry from water penetration and salt contamination. By keeping the walls dry a simple application can significantly reduce the heating requirements of a building.

The 5kg tub covers up to 25m2, offering great value for money. It?s breathable and microporous too. This means that water isn’t trapped in the masonry after application.

Weight5 kg

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Data Sheet KÖSTER Façade Cream

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Koster Facade cream



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