Puddle Flange (sealant for 110mm drainage pipe)

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Puddle Flange (for 110mm drainage pipe)

A Puddle Flange offers a waterproof seal when using Delta Modular Drainage (Detail 129) or for basement service penetrations

The Puddle Flange prevents ground water percolating the the joint between the pipe and the structure, reducing water ingress through the critical floor/wall junctions.

Puddle flanges can also be used to effectively seal foul drainage pipes as they pass through a basement slab or for sealing service penetrations through retaining wall.


The puddle flange is pushed on to the pipe or service penetration and positioned to the centre of the concrete slab or wall.

The inbuilt fastener is then tightened to secure the flange in place during the concrete pour.

Our guide for the sealing of service penetrations can be found here.




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