Delta v4 Dual Groundwater Pump

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Delta V4 Dual Groundwater Pump for Cellar and Basement Drainage

New Model

The Delta V4 Groundwater Sump Chamber has been designed to work as part of a Delta Cavity Drainage Waterproofing System in higher performance applications.

Water that enters the basement structure behind the Delta cavity drainage membranes is diverted to the sump chamber either by means of Delta Perimeter Drainage channels or via 110mm drainage pipes (known as Modular or 129 Detail drainage).

The spun bound chamber is designed to withstand external groundwater pressure without deforming, a problem that can affect cheaper sump chambers.

The Delta V4 Dual features two high performance pumps offering high levels of performance and security. If one pump fails, the system can continue to run.

The Delta V4 Sump Pump is used to collect ground water in basements up to 150m2 and can also accept surface water from a lightwell of up to 15m2.

It’s used to discharge up to a height of 4metres. 

It’s recommended to use also a high level alarm to alert when the water level in the chamber becomes too high.

Our guide for the installation of Delta cavity drainage membranes can be found here.

How high can the Delta V4 Dual Pump to?

The Delta V4 Groundwater is used to discharge up to a height of 4metres.

50mm Class C pipe should be used to provide the discharge pipework.


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