Delta V3 Pump – Spare Replacement Pump

: £285.90
£274.40 £329.28

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A single Delta V3 Pump for groundwater applications.

This is the same pump that comes installed in the Delta V3 Dual Groundwater Chamber.

The Delta v3 Pump is for groundwater and light surface water applications (for example a small lightwell up to 10m2)

The Delta v3 Groundwater Pump comes with a lever arm switch that can be precisely set to the required water level to ensure the correct function of your Delta V3 Sump Chamber.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 230v

Typical Duty or Flow Rate 2.0 litres per second to a 3.5m head.

Weight: 5.64kg

The Delta V3 Pump will either be blue or yellow however the colour does not affect the pump performance.