Delta Powermaxx 2 – Battery Back Up for Delta V3 Dual Sump

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Battery Backup for Delta Dual V3 Groundwater Sump

In the event of mains power failure the Delta Powermaxx 2 is there to provide power to the pump chamber keeping the pump chamber running for 4-10 days (depending on usage)

How does the Delta Powermaxx 2 Work?

When power fails, the pump(s) automatically take power from the PowerMaxx. This battery backup will have been fully charged during mains operation. It will automatically recharge when mains power returns

Excellent Battery Performance

The PowerMaxx battery can run a Delta V3 ground water pump without mains power for 4-10 days (depending on the number of cycles per hour.). Unlike some cheaper units the Powermaxx 2 unit benefits from minimal residual usage. This means that you can rely on long standby performance in the event of an extended interruption of power.


Installation is simple and is normally undertaken at the same time as the installation of the sumps and high level alarm. PowerMaxx is free standing and can be installed in any dry ventilated area. No additional electrical spurs are required as the Powermaxx is installed “in line” to the pump

The Powermaxx 2 is only suitable for use with the Delta v3 Groundwater Chamber – NOT FOUL.

It is not suitable for use with the Delta v4, Delta v6 or the Delta v3 Foul Chamber