Delta High Level Alarm Foul – Basement Pump Alarm for Foul Chamber

: £340.00
£325.00 £390.00

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The Delta HLA – High Level Alarm for Basement Pumps – New Model Foul

The Delta HLA – Foul is designed to detect high water levels
within packaged pumping stations and sumps. The Delta HLA is
an independent high water level alarm with an 85 dB audible alarm
and LED status display on the front fascia.

It acts as a warning system in the event of:
• power failure to the Delta HLA
• a high water level state in the chamber/sump
• a high water level state has been recorded
• a service due

The Delta HLA provides a secondary line of protection in the event
of mains power failure. Its internal battery ensures continued
operation of the alarm until mains power is restored.

The Delta HLA is simple to install and offers three volt-free contacts
for connection to external systems.

The Delta HLA operates via sump float switch. If the water level
rises above the start point of the primary pump, the alarm float
switch lifts until a point of contact is made internally. This signals to
the panel that the water level is high and the panel goes into alarm.
When the level drops, the switch falls which resets the alarm.

The sump float switch is secured to the chamber’s integral float
bracket by a cable gland and cable tie.

For areas where the Delta HLA may not be seen or heard, we
recommend using the Delta HLA Plus.


Groundwater, Foul Water