Alertmaxx 2 High Level Alarm Groundwater

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Alertmaxx 2 High Level Alarm- Groundwater

The Alertmaxx 2 High Level Alarm is designed to offer the highest level of protection for basement groundwater pumps and sump chambers.

The Alertmaxx 2 provides a high level alarm warning. If water in the pump chamber rises above a pre set point an alarm is sounded to give an early warning that there may be a problem.

The Alertmaxx 2 is also an active pump monitoring system. Actively measuring 10 different variables which can be monitored remotely by the pump maintenance contractor the Alertmaxx 2 provides ongoing peace of mind.

The AlertMaxx2 has been described as having a virtual pump service engineer constantly ensuring your pump station is working to peak performance. Monitoring, recording and alerting you and other stakeholders to any potential issues before they occur.

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