Danosa M.A.D. 2 (12 x 1M) -Acoustic Membrane for Wall and Celings

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Danosa M.A.D.2 – Acoustic Membrane for walls and ceilings  is a high density bitumen modified membrane specifically designed to behave as an anti resonant material. It is an efficient substitute for lead sheets.

The Danosa MAD membranes are bituminous sheets armed with mineral charges coated on the external faces using a high density polyethylene film.

Acousticall this system works when used as a “plastic” layer between two rigid layers such as plasterboard.

An effective substitute for lead in sound proofing applications this membrane works as a resonator and works really well in absorbing low frequency sounds.

Advantages and Benefits

  • By increasing the mass of lightweight walls, a higher acoustic performance is achieved.
    It shifts the resonance frequencies of the rigid elements making the insulation higher.


  • It is used between rigid elements, such as gypsum plasterboard, to improve low-frequency insulation in both vertical and horizontal walls.
    Used between spring elements to increase the overall isolation of the treatment, improving significantly at low frequencies.

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Danosa MAD2 MAD 2

Weight 39.55 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 100 cm


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