IMPACTODAN-10 (2 X 25 M) Acoustic Membrane for Concrete and Screeded Floors

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IMPACTODAN 10 is an acoustic membrane for concrete and screeded floors

Cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet, 10 mm thick. Its closed cell structure provides exceptional physical and mechanical properties. It is used for acoustic insulation of deck impact noise in buildings. It presents high resistance to fatigue and is easy to install. Its use is guaranteed by the DIT N. 439 from the Spanish building science institute Eduardo Torroja.

This higher profile 10mm membrane provides additional protection against noise and unwanted sounds.

Advantages and benefits

Impact sound insulation DnTA>50 dBA, for IMPACTODAN® 5 DnTA>55 dBA, for IMPACTODAN® 10
Acoustic insulation to airborne noise, L’nT, w<65 dB


  • Airborne and impact sound insulation in floor slabs between different users in public or private residential buildings.
  • Complements the insulation of floating floors for low, medium and high frequencies in all types of commercial premises in tertiary buildings or in commercial ground floors of commercial buildings.
  • Sound insulation in the renovation of floors in dwellings.

Joints between rolls and cuts of impactodan 5 are sealed using Danosa Acoustic Tape 70 – Here

Termination seals at internal walls and solid walls are made using Danosa Acoustic Tape 200 – Here 


Length 2.5m

Width 0.2m

Thickness 10mm

Weight 12.65kg

Our Guide for Installing The Impactodan system is here

For Product Data Sheet Click Here

For easy to follow installation guide Click Here



Weight 12.65 kg
Dimensions 2500 × 200 cm


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