Danosa Acoustic Tape 70 – Joint Tape for Acoustic Membrane

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Danosa Acoustic Tape 70 is a 70mm tape used to join Danosa acoustic membranes

Overlapping auto adhesive band Impactodan is composed of cross-linked polyethylene foam, 3 mm thick and 70 mm wide. It is used as auxiliary product when installing Impactodan membrane for decks. It ensures a correct overlapping between Impactodan rolls, avoiding acoustic shortcircuits that could reduce insulation effectiveness.

  • As it is composed of the same raw material as IMPACTODAN, it provides continuity to the impact noise damping system.
  • Its great flexibility makes it possible to cover installations avoiding the occurrence of unwanted acoustic bridges.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Its high resistance to dampness and steam diffusion prevents the fine particles of the mortar from entering the IMPACTODAN joints.
  • Its good thermal conductivity makes it ideal in radiant heating systems, avoiding the creation of thermal bridges in the joints.
  • Its good elasticity under continuous load over time is the manifestation of its usefulness, preserving its acoustic properties over time.
  • It is inert to attack by micro-organisms, ensuring its durability over time.

It is used to elastically separate the mortar that is poured on top of the IMPACTODAN anti-impact sheet from the vertical construction elements.
It can be used for lining installations that have to pass through the floating mortar.

Length – 25m

Width 70mm

Weight 7kg

YouTube Video of the system – click here.


Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 2500 × 7 cm


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