CONFORDAN 15X0,95 M Acoustic Membrane for Wooden Floors

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Confordan is a highly flexible polyetheline sheet for the acoustic insulation against impact noise for wooden and laminate floors

Impact noise in modern apartment buildings can be greatly reduced through the use of Danosa Confordan

Flexible cross-linked polyethylene membrane, finished in an aluminized LPDE film. It is used as an acoustic insulation and protection against humidity under laminated floors.


  • Impact noise improvement ?Ln = 18 dB.
  • Good acoustic insulation against impact noise.
  • Inexpensive, easy and efficient installation.
  • Great durability.
  • Optimum chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Vapour barrier.
  • Reflective thermal insulation.
  • The aluminium sealing tape reduces the static charge.


  • Wooden floor systems in dwellings with traditional heating systems.
  • Complements the IMPACTODAN® system in homes with a traditional heating system.
  • Damp-proof and separation barrier for floating floor finishes.

Joints between the Confordan Membrane are best sealed using the Danosa Acoustic Tape 200 

Product Dimensions

Length 15m

Width 0.95m

Thicknenss 3mm

Product Data Sheet Can Be Found Here

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 1500 × 95 cm


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