Koster NB 4000 25kg (Coverage Up to 6M2 @ 2 Coats)

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Koster NB 4000 25kg (Coverage Up to 6M2 @ 2 Coats)

Koster NB 4000 is a polymer modified, mineral hybrid coating for the internal and external waterproofing of building structures. It is bitumen free and so is UV stable, can be left exposed and is trafficable.

Due to the unique formulation Koster NB 4000 cures quickly and reliably meaning minimum down time for application.

NB 4000 can be applied at a temperature of + 2? C upwards, is resistant to rain after as little as 2 hours and can be exposed to pressurized water after only 24 hours of curing time.

Koster NB 4000 is elastic, has excellent crack bridging capabilities and can even be applied directly to slightly moist of bitumen contaminated substrate

Koster NB4000 is used to waterproof buried roofs, podium decks, green roofs and the retaining walls.

Weight25 kg

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Data Sheet KÖSTER NB 4000

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Koster NB 4000 A

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet KosterNB 4000 B


1 review for Koster NB 4000 25kg (Coverage Up to 6M2 @ 2 Coats)

  1. Dave R- construct

    Not cheap but really good. I used this over a failed asphalt roof. Solved the problem and easy to apply.

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