Koster MS Flex Foil – 25kg – Liquid Roof Membrane

: £379.99
£375.50 £450.60

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Koster MS Flex Foil 25kg

Coverage Up to 12.5 M2

Koster MS Flex Foil is a high performance single part liquid applied waterproofing system for use on a large variety of deck constructions.

Koster MS Flex foil is UV stable and suitable for light foot traffic making it ideal for balcony and podium deck waterproofing.

MS Flex Foil can be used to waterproof concrete, rib deck as well as timber deck structures and due to it’s excellent elongation break and crack bridging capabilities.

Koster MS Flex foil boasts ultra rapid curing times, as low as 24 hours.

Our guide to Koster Waterproofing systems can be fond here.

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