Koster Glass Fibre Mesh 100m2

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Koster Glass Fibre Mesh 100m2

Koster Glass Fibre Mesh is a glass silk fabric and has very high tear resistance. It is resistant to movement free from plasticizers and highly resistant to alkalis.

Koster Glass Fibre Mesh is used to reinforce external waterproofing system such as KBE Liquid Film, Koster Deuxan 2c and Koster 21.

The application of Koster Glass Fibre Mesh used necessary on areas which are exposed to pressurized water and there is a risk of cracking as well as on connections, transitions and fillets and horizontally across buried roofs and podium decks.

The 100m2 pack size gives great value for large waterproofing projects. Also available in a 33m2 size for smaller projects.

Weight5 kg

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