Koster Deuxan 2c – bitumen sealant

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Koster Deuxan 2C (2K) is a 2 component polymer modified bitumen sealant for waterproofing construction.

It has excellent crack bridging capabilities and is a cold applied seamless waterproofing system.

This bitumen sealer is used to waterproof basement walls, retaining walls including ICF and stepoc block and for intermediate waterproofing of balconies, terraces and buried roofs.

This high performance waterproofing system is trowel applied in 2 coats and reinforced using Koster Glass Fibre Mesh to further improve the crack bridging capabilities.

Koster Deuxan 2c can bridge cracks of up to 2mm.

Koster Deuxan 2C is also suited for the intermediate waterproofing underneath screeds and for bonding insulation and drainage boards.

(Coverage Up to 5.1M2 @ 2 Coats)

This system is not UV stable and is typically protected on deck application using Delta Terraxx membrane.

Our guide to the different Koster Waterproofing systems can be found here.

Our guide for waterproofing podium decks and buried roofs can be found here.

Product Data sheet can be found here.

Weight 32 kg

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Data Sheet: W 252 032 Koster_Deuxan 2C

BBA Certificate Koster Deuxan 2C  -5509

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets:

Deuxan 2C Part A 9.10.14

Deuxan 2C (Part B) 8.8.14

2 reviews for Koster Deuxan 2c – bitumen sealant

  1. Vladimir – VG Groundworks

    Goes on Nice and thick. Really good waterproofing for buried roof. Came next day and cheaper than other shop. Happy.

  2. Umberto – UK Wallcraft

    I use this all the time for the outside of block walls, it’s thick enough to get in to all the nooks and crannies and into the corners. There’s a bit of a knack to using it, you have to be good with a trowell, but great product. Good service too.

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