Koster BE RainProof- Seal Bitumen from Rain.

: £45.95
£44.40 £53.28

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Koster BE Rainproof is one of the most useful products we sell.

Liquid applied bitumen coatings can be damaged by rain after application.

Koster BE Rainproof is applied to the bitumen after application to prevent damage by the rain. Perfect for use with Koster Deuxan 2c and Koster KBE liquid film.

Koster BE Rainproof forms a water repellent coating on the bitumen that prevents rain or water damage.

Contractors who apply waterproof coatings to roofs, patios, balconies or podium decks should always have a tub o f BE Rainproof in the van. If the weather changes the waterproofing can be protected and the risk of expensive downtime, repairs and re-inspection can be reduced.

Koster BE Rainproof Coverage.

0.2kg per m2.

Each 5kg tub will cover up to 25m2.