Danosa Glasdan 30 P POL Underlay – 1m x 12m

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GLASDAN 30 P POL is a waterproofing bituminous sheet with non self-protected surface of 3.0 kg/m². Composed of a fibreglass reinforcement and covered on both sides with polymer modified bitumen mastic. A polyethylene film is used as anti-adherent material on both sides. Tested according to standard EN test methods. Total impermeability to water and water vapour.
Great dimensional stability.
Little thermal variation.
Allows for adaptation to any type of geometry.
Allows for working with molten asphalt.
Limits stresses in the waterproofing membrane. Two-layer membrane underlay for waterproofing of roofs with heavy bonded and unbonded protection.
Bottom reinforcement in improved single-ply waterproofing membranes for waterproofing of roofs with heavy bonded, non-bonded or floating protection.
Two-layer membrane underlay for the waterproofing of self-protected bonded roofs.
Anti-capillary barrier in walls. Substrate Preparation: The base surface must be clean, dry and free of debris to provide maximum adhesion. A bituminous primer may be needed depending upon the condition of the substrate. We recommend Curidan, Impridan 100, Maxdan or Maxdan Caucho. In case of non-porous substrates we recommend that a test application is made to ensure correct adhesion. In case of thermal insulations boards a primer is not necessary.

Product application: For ease of installation, it is recommended to cut rolls into smaller and more manageable size. Remove the release liner and install whilst applying pressure onto the surface. Start from the center and spread to the outside edges. The use of a roller is recommended to improve adhesion. Do not use as a top sheet on green roofs.
Do not use in single-coat system.
A separating layer (DANOFELT or DANODREN) shall be laid before laying the heavy protection (paving, gravel, topsoil, etc).
This product may form part of a waterproofing system, so all the documents referred to in the Danosa Solutions Manual must be taken into account, as well as all the regulations and legislation that must be complied with in this respect.
Sheets made of plastomeric bitumen require more blowtorch input than sheets made of SBS elastomeric bitumen in order to work properly. It is important to take this aspect into consideration when welding the sheets to the substrate, when welding the overlaps of the sheets and when welding the sheets to each other.
There is no chemical incompatibility between the Danosa range of oxyasphalt, SBS elastomeric bitumen and plastomeric bitumen sheets.
If it is necessary to adhere to metallic or slightly porous elements, a bituminous primer (IMPRIDAN 100) shall be applied to the entire surface to be welded beforehand.
Possible incompatibility between thermal insulation and waterproofing shall be checked.
If expansion that could affect the sheet is expected, a geotextile separating layer (Danofelt PY 200) shall be used between the sheet and the extruded polystyrene insulation panels, so that each product expands independently.
Polyurethane foam shall not be sprayed directly on top of the waterproofing without the use of a suitable separating layer (geotextiles, mortar layers, polyethylene film, etc).
In case of renovation, chemical incompatibilities with old waterproofing consisting of flexible PVC sheets, modified tar-based mastics or any other, shall be taken into account, and it may be necessary to remove them completely or to use suitable separating layers (geotextiles, mortar layer, polyethylene film, etc).
In case of new construction and renovation, possible chemical incompatibilities with other sheets shall be taken into account.
NOTE: For more information on the Danosa systems in which this product is used, please see the document “Waterproofing Solutions”.


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