Danosa Glasdan 30 AP Elast Underlay 7.5m x 1m

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GLASDAN 30 AP ELAST. (7,5 M) is a waterproofing bituminous sheet with non self-protected surface of 3.0 kg/m², LBM-30-FV. Composed of a fibreglass reinforcement of 60 g/m2 and covered on both sides with SBS modified bitumen mastic. Membrane with an upper surface finish of sand and a lower surface finish of polyethylene film. The sheet, being made of a bitumen mastic modified with SBS-type elastomeric polymers, substantially improves other bituminous mastics, providing much better performance in terms of reaction at high and low temperatures, elasticity and resistance to ageing, which leads to greater durability of the sheet and greater safety of the waterproofing membrane.
Great dimensional stability.
Little thermal variation.
Allows for adaptation to any type of geometry.
Allows for working with molten asphalt.
Limits stresses in the waterproofing membrane.
Limits deformations.
Very good performance in multilayer systems with hot asphalt. Substrate preparation:  The base support surface must be durable, uniform, smooth, be clean, dry and free from foreign bodies. If thermal insulation defines the substrate, insulation boards should be installed fully adhered to the basis with DANOTHERM, without bigger separation than 1mm between insulation boards.r -Before laying the waterproofing membrane, DANOBOND adhesive must be used in the whole susbrate surface or insulation boards. The membrane should climb on the vertical face a minimum of 20 cm above the surface of the pavement. Any joint between metal profiles and the vertical surface, will be always sealed with elastic sealant ELASTYDAN PU 40 gris.
Waterproofing layer placement: The membrane will be placed fully adhered over the support or the insulation board, installed perpendicular to the roof maximum slope line, from the lowest point to the top of the roof. The watertightness between DANOPOL membranes will be achieved through thermoplastic welding with hot air welder, or using chemical agent THF (tetrahydrofuran). The overlaps between membranes must be 5 cm minimum and the welding must be at least 4cm. During the thermoplastic welding, use a silicon pressure roll. After the installation, it is recommendable to use a blunt metal needle (with a 1-3mm head radius), passing it along the union edge, verifying all the connections. There should not be more than 3 membranes coinciding in a single point. Special attention will be paid to T-Joints (three sheets intersecting at the same point). All membrane vertexes will be cut in a curve shape..To perform transversal membrane overlaps, or if any metal profile is intended to be set on the waterproofing membrane, they will be covered by welded 21cm DANOPOL HS 1.5 COVERSTRIP, with the same color. Do not use as a top sheet on green roofs.
Do not use in single-coat system.
A separating layer (DANOFELT or DANODREN) shall be laid before laying the heavy protection (paving, gravel, topsoil, etc).
This product may form part of a waterproofing system, so all the documents referred to in the Danosa Solutions Manual must be taken into account, as well as all the regulations and legislation that must be complied with in this respect.
There is no chemical incompatibility between the Danosa range of oxyasphalt, SBS elastomeric bitumen and plastomeric bitumen sheets.
If it is necessary to adhere to metallic or slightly porous elements, a bituminous primer (IMPRIDAN 100) shall be applied to the entire surface to be welded beforehand.
Possible incompatibility between thermal insulation and waterproofing shall be checked.
If expansion that could affect the sheet is expected, a geotextile separating layer (Danofelt PY 200) shall be used between the sheet and the extruded polystyrene insulation panels, so that each product expands independently.
Polyurethane foam shall not be sprayed directly on top of the waterproofing without the use of a suitable separating layer (geotextiles, mortar layers, polyethylene film, etc).
In case of renovation, chemical incompatibilities with old waterproofing consisting of flexible PVC sheets, modified tar-based mastics or any other, shall be taken into account, and it may be necessary to remove them completely or to use suitable separating layers (geotextiles, mortar layer, polyethylene film, etc).
In case of new construction and renovation, possible chemical incompatibilities with APP plastomer-modified bitumen sheets shall be taken into account.
NOTE: For more information on the Danosa systems in which this product is used, please see the document “Waterproofing Solutions”.


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