Danosa Esterdan 30 P Elast Self Adhesive Underlay – 1m x 12m

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ESTERDAN 30 P ELAST SEMI-ADHESIVE (12 M) is a waterproofing bituminous self-adhesive membrane. Composed of a non-woven polyester felt reinforcement, covered with SBS modified bitumen mastic, self-adhesive on the lower side (self-adhesive stripes). A polyethylene film is used as anti-adherent material on the top side and a siliconized releasable polypropylene film is used on the bottom side. Absorbs structural movements well.
As it is made of a bitumen mastic modified with SBS type elastomeric polymers that substantially improves the rest of bituminous mastics, it provides much better performance in terms of behaviour at high and low temperatures, elasticity and resistance to ageing, which leads to an improvement in the durability of the sheet and the safety of the waterproofing membrane.
Helps to increase the durability of the sheet.
It retains its properties better over time.
Good anti-piercing protection from mechanical damage.
High tensile strength and high elongation at break.
High resistance to tearing.
High resistance to static and dynamic piercing.
Improves the performance of mechanically fastened sheets by providing a high wind suction resistance value and optimising the density of fastenings.
Very stable in the long term. Bottom sheet in bilayer membranes for waterproofing roofs with semi-adhered heavy protection.
Bottom sheet in bilayer membranes for waterproofing semi-adhered self-protected roofs. The substrate surface must be solid, uniform, smooth, cleaned, dry and free from foreign bodies.
It is placed on the support by mechanical fasteners spaced approximately 20 cm. maximum.
Danopol range is welded to the colaminated profile by hot air, resulting in high reliability welding and finish. Store in a dry place, protected from rain, sun, high and low temperatures.
It should be kept in the sun for as short a time as possible to protect it from UV rays.
In case of new construction and renovation, possible chemical incompatibilities with APP plastomer-modified bitumen sheets shall be taken into account.
In case of renovation, chemical incompatibilities with old waterproofing consisting of flexible PVC sheets, modified tar-based mastics or any other, shall be taken into account, and it may be necessary to remove them completely or to use suitable separating layers (geotextiles, mortar layer, polyethylene film, etc).
If it is necessary to adhere to metallic or slightly porous elements, a bituminous primer (IMPRIDAN 100) shall be applied to the entire surface to be welded beforehand.
On flat roofs, it cannot be used as a waterproofing system.
In case the substrate is a thermal insulation board, the compatibility between the two materials shall be verified.
In cold weather, it is advisable to slightly heat the support with the blowtorch.
This product is part of a waterproofing system, so all the documents referred to in the Danosa Solutions Manual must be taken into account, as well as all the regulations and legislation that must be complied with in this respect.
Exposure to the sun can make it difficult to remove the release film. The temperature of the sheet during installation must not exceed 45°C.
It must not be installed when the ambient, product or substrate temperature is below +10°C.
There is no chemical incompatibility between the Danosa range of SBS elastomeric bitumen and plastomeric bitumen sheets.
Do not use as a top sheet on green roofs.
To join the transverse overlap at the ends of the rolls, it is necessary to preheat the transverse edge of the bottom sheet in a strip of 8-10 cm, remove the protective polyethylene film in the bituminous mass and then adhere the end of the next piece.
Possible incompatibility between thermal insulation and waterproofing shall be checked.
A separating layer (DANOFELT or DANODREN) must be laid before laying the heavy protection (paving, gravel, topsoil, etc.), except in the case of waterproofing under tiles.
Polyurethane foam shall not be sprayed directly on top of the waterproofing without the use of a suitable separating layer (geotextiles, mortar layers, polyethylene film, etc).
If expansion that could affect the sheet is expected, a separating layer shall be used between the sheet and the extruded polystyrene insulation boards, so that each product expands independently.


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