DANOPREN TR100 XPS 100mm Insulation Board – 3m2 Pack

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DANOPREN TR 100 is a rigid extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam board with shiplap edges at various thicknesses. Manufactured without CFC’s, HCFC’s or HFC’s. Easy and safe handling of the irons: they are light, do not irritate the skin, do not release dust, maintain their physical integrity.
Long-term negligible water absorption.
High long-term compressive strength.
Have a durability equal to the useful life of the building in which they are incorporated.
Eventually, reuse of the plates may be feasible depending on the original installation system.
Can be installed over the waterproofing membrane, protecting it from mechanical damage and thermal shocks, according to the “inverted roof” concept. Thermal insulation for flat roofs, both conventional and inverted.
Thermal insulation for residential and commercial overloaded floors. Check that the product has arrived on site in its original packaging, duly labelled and in perfect condition.
Check for CE marking and Declaration of Performance.
Check for the existence of a voluntary quality mark, if stated in the project.
Check that the thermal insulation is as specified in the project.
Check compliance with the project specifications in terms of dimensions, thickness, declared thermal conductivity, declared thermal resistance, water vapour diffusion resistance factor and reaction to fire.
Check that the installation corresponds to the project definition, in particular the order of the layers of each enclosure and the correct position of the insulation layer in relation to the others.
Check the continuity of the insulation, avoiding thermal bridges, in particular in fillers to any singular point of the construction. Examples: outline of openings, perforations, perimeters, parapets, slabs, pillars.


Thickness Sheets Per Bundle Conductivity M2 Coverage
40mm 10 0.034 (W/m·K) 7.5
50mm 8 0.034 (W/m·K) 6
60mm 7 0.034 (W/m·K) 5.25
80mm 5 0.036 (W/m·K) 3.75
100mm 4 0.037 (W/m·K) 3


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