ACO Roofbloxx- Reservoir Tray Extender System Pack

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The ACO RoofBloxx Reservoir Tray Wall Extender should be used in conjunction with the ACO RoofBloxx Reservoir Tray.

The extender System pack includes 20 Extenders and 20 Extender Joiners

The ACO RoofBloxx Reservoir Tray is a lightweight interlocking modular roof tray that is easy to interlock, facilitating the connection of adjacent trays and enhancing system stability.

This lightweight interlocking modular roof tray can be used for a wide range of applications including active and passive blue roof applications, green / ‘living’ roofs, blue/green roof applications with or without passive irrigation systems and roofing systems that form part of a podium deck or green roof system.

  • Recycled polypropylene construction
  • Easily cut-to-fit and easy to assemble
  • Interlocking tray design for enhanced system stability
  • Size: 60mm