Aco Roofbloxx Attenuation Board Layer Blue Roof 85mm

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The ACO RoofBloxx 85mm Water Attenuation Board 85mm

ACO RoofBloxx is a complete roof attenuation system for blue, green and blue/green roofs. It enables engineers to create a blue or green roof drainage layer that gives architects the design flexibility required to create imaginative, multi-functional open green spaces at roof or podium level.

Comprising a shallow, high-strength, adjustable geocellular storage void and roof outlet flow control system, ACO RoofBloxx is fully compatible with ACO roof outlets, downpipes and surface water drainage systems. It can be used in different roof types e.g. as part of warm roof construction.

  • Modular structure for design flexibility
  • 100% recyclable
  • Shallow, high strength design (800KN/m²)
  • Adjustable storage depth
  • Stackable without the need for shear connectors
  • Suitable for pedestrian and vehicular areas
  • Suitable for use beneath permeable and impermeable surfaces
  • Passive irrigation attainable with capillary wick
  • Compatible with ACO roof outlets, downpipes and surface water drainage
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm x 85mm

Minimum Order Quantity: 20.