Koster KSK SY15 – Self-Adhesive Waterproof Membrane

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Koster KSK SY15 1.05x 20m

Koster KSK SY 15 is a self-adhesive bitumen membrane, high performance, cold applied, and  with a high-density 2-layer cross laminated polyethylene top foil.

This peel and stick bitumen membrane is used for external waterproofing of basement and retaining walls and is applied to the wall after construction. This is called a post applied system.

Koster KSK is suitable for waterproofing of solid concrete, masonry, ICF (insulated concrete formwork) and stepoc block walls.

It has great impact resistance and excellent elongation break properties meaning that it is suitable for the most challenging of applications.

Koster KSK can also be used to provide a waterproofing layer over external insulation in a green roof applications.

Before application the wall should be cleaned and then primed using Koster KBE Liquid Film so as to ensure a permanent and waterproof seal.

Koster KSK SY 15 is immediately waterproof and highly tear resistant.

As with all external waterproofing systems- we recommend a good drainage and protection board to be installed on the outside of the waterproofing. Delta Terraxx is great for this.

Our guide for selecting Koster Waterproofing systems can be found here:

Koster KSK product data sheet can be found here:

Delta Product Code: DMS 245


Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 20 × 1.05 cm

Click to open and download:

Data Sheet KÖSTER KSK SY 15

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Koster KSK 

1 review for Koster KSK SY15 – Self-Adhesive Waterproof Membrane

  1. Tom Vix – Groundworks

    Very easy and quick to install. Wall needs to be level though.

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