DualProof External Pre-Applied Waterproof Membrane 1.08m x 20m

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DualProof External Pre-Applied Membrane 1.08m x 20m

DualProof is a new, lightweight and easy to use, pre-applied, external waterproof membrane. Fully and permanently bonded.

It consists of a sealed two layer highly flexible PVC membrane laminated with a non-woven PP-fleece.

This external waterproofing membrane protects against groundwater ingress, as well as gases and chemicals.

DualProof works with site poured concrete. DualProof is installed to the oversite and dressed up the slab shuttering before the rebar is laid and the concrete is poured.

DualProof can also be used to externally waterproof poured concrete retaining walls / to waterproof concrete where an exposed internal concrete finish is required.

The unique spun non-woven polypropylene fully bonds to the outside of the new concrete to provide a permanent external waterproof barrier.

Advantages of Dualproof- 

The heavy duty design prevents rips and cuts to the waterproof membrane.

The thick waterproofing layer of dualproof helps to prevent wrinkles and sags when used vertically against formwork and piles.

DualProof is often used to provide a secondary waterproofing system in addition to a Delta Cavity Drainage system.

Lift pit waterproofing in new build projects is made easy using DualProof. The external waterproofing system means that the lift fixings points do not damage the waterproofing layer.


DualProof CEM Adhesive is used to permanently seal the joints between DualProof External Pre Applied Membranes. We recommend 3 Tubes of CEM Adhesive for every roll of DualProof.

Delta Product Code DMS 480


Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 25 × 1.2 × 1.8 cm

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DualProof Product Data Sheet

Delta DualProof Guidance and Installation Brochure

2 reviews for DualProof External Pre-Applied Waterproof Membrane 1.08m x 20m

  1. Huw Jones

    Easy and quick to install. No problems.

  2. Huw jones

    Really easy to use. Bonds well to concrete

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