Delta Geodrain Quattro- 2.0mx 12.5m

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Delta Geodrain Quattro is an external drainage and protection membrane and is used in new build and refurbishment waterproofing projects.

Roll size is 2.0mx 12.5m

Delta Geodrain Quattro is a high performance 4 layer membrane and can be used in place of protection boards. The unique slip layer prevents the transmission of movement to the underlying waterproofing layer and wicking cloth offer unrivalled protection.

The unique low profile dimple design allows for good drainage performance while maintaining a maximum compressive strength of 250kN/m2.

Delta Geodrain Quattro is used to improve the external drainage of a buried roof or retaining wall of a basement by allowing surface water to be quickly diverted to a suitable land drain or hopper.

The 25m2 roll size offers the highest level of performance for basement waterproofing and civil engineering projects where the maximum level of waterproofing protection and drainage are required.

Delta Geodrain Quattro also provides backfill protection to prevent the waterproofing layer, such as Delta DualProof or Koster Deuxan 2c, from being damaged during the landscaping process.

Our guide to buried roofs and podium decks can be found here.

Delta Product Code DMS 006



Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 2 cm

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Geo Drain Quattro Product Data Sheet

1 review for Delta Geodrain Quattro- 2.0mx 12.5m

  1. Vladimir – VG Groundworks

    Good system. Stops the groundwrokers from damaging the external waterproofing. Heavy duty. Big and bulky rolls delivered to a muddy site no problem.

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