Delta Rope 10mm x 4.75m

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Delta Rope 10mm x 4.75m

Delta Rope is a high performance, butyl sealing strip.

Delta Rope is used to seal Delta PT Plugs or Delta Plugs without grommets to Delta Cavity Drainage Membranes.

When waterproofing under pavement vaults we recommend that plugs are sealed using Delta Rope instead of rubber grommets as it creates a more secure waterproof seal on uneven surfaces.

Delta Rope is wrapped around the shank of the plugs before insertion to provide a vapour proof and waterproof seal.

Delta Rope comes in a 4.75m roll meaning that is offers great value for basement waterproofing projects.

Delta Membranes Product Code DMS 011


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 4.75 × 10 cm


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