Delta PT Slimline Mesh Membrane – 1m x 15m

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Delta PT Slimline Membrane is a Damp Proof and Waterproof Membrane for Walls.

This waterproof and vapour proof basement waterproofing membrane combines an ultra low profile 4mm stud height with a thermically bonded mesh or lath on the surface that allows for the direct application of render or boarding using dot and dab fixings.

Delta PT Slimline is typically used to waterproof basement walls and the retaining walls of lightwells.

This premium quality waterproof wall membrane has an 4mm fluted stud to deal effectively with water ingress and provide a high capacity drainage void.

Delta PT Slimline comes in a 15m2 roll, making it great value for smaller basement waterproofing or damp proofing projects.


This waterproofing cavity drain membrane is primarily used in to provide a low profile waterproofing barrier where a thin build up is required. It’s also used above ground to provide a damp proof barrier and to isolate plaster finishes from contamination.

Delta PT Slimline is used:

  • To waterproof basement and cellar walls subject to light water ingress.
  • To waterproof window reveals or around stairs in basements.
  • Above ground as a low profile damp proof and salt contamination barrier.
  • In listed or historic buildings where a reversible waterproofing or damp proof system is required.



Delta PT Slimline is installed stud side facing the wall. Joints in the Delta PT Slimline are sealed using Delta Tape and Delta Corner Strip.

This Delta PT mesh membrane is used vertically and mechanically fixed to the substrate using Delta PT Plugs With Grommets (you can find Delta PT lath membrane plugs here).

Where a direct render is to be applied, joints should be overtaped using Delta Fleece tape.

Typical Fixings are:

  • 400mm centres for dot and dab boarding
  • 200mm centres for directly applied render
  • 150mm centres for external directly applied render.
Weight9 kg
Dimensions10 × 1.5 × 4 cm

2 reviews for Delta PT Slimline Mesh Membrane – 1m x 15m

  1. Pavel Bokowski

    Great product. I used this instead of replastering when i damp proofed my customers kitchen. Easy to install and I could dot and dab plasterboard straight to it. I usd Delta PT plugs

  2. Nigel Smith

    Good for the wall next to the stairs down into the basement, it’s thin and you can dot and dab your plasterboard.

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