Delta Drainage Channel 2m- With Upstand

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Delta Drainage Channel 2m- With Upstand

What is a basement drainage channel?

Delta Channel is a water collection conduit designed to control water ingress in Delta basement waterproofing systems and to make the system easily accessible and maintainable.

What is Free Lime?

With new concrete structures, there is a risk of excess free lime leaching out from the concrete as groundwater passes through the new structure, through joints, cracks and dry pack, in the form of calcium hydroxide (free lime). If untreated, this free lime can enter a cavity drainage system which can impede the flow of water and cause sump pump failure.

Delta Drainage Channels allow of access and maintenance of the groundwater drainage system.

Delta Drainage Channels with upstands allow for the channels to be positioned at the wall floor junction to offer superior waterproofing performance.


The British Standard for waterproofing BS8102:2009 recognises the requirement of a Type C Waterproofing System or Cavity Drain Membrane System to be designed to be maintainable. The use of inspection ports within the drainage element of a basement waterproofing design is key for maintenance or the ability to carry out periodic inspection.

Delta Perimeter Drainage Channels

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