Koster Waterstop – fast curing plug and repair mortar – 15kg

: £92.50
£90.74 £108.89

Koster Waterstop is a super fast acting expanding repair mortar – you can use it for example to form waterproof fillets and plugs in basements.

Koster Waterstop is used in areas where you want to quickly seal water leaks before the application of tanking slurries such as Koster NB1 Grey. Or other Type A Waterproofing Systems.

Koster Waterstop is often used to create waterproof fillets at wall floor junctions, to fill in voids and seal basement retaining walls, seal manholes, cable and pipe penetrations, and seal damaged pipe joints in canal construction even if they are exposed to pressurised water.

This fast setting curing mortar can be used to seal water leaks in concrete, masonry and natural stone structures quickly.

Can be used internally and externally. With excellent adhesion, it can be applied to all mineral substrates.

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