Koster Quellband Waterbar (Box 6 x 5m rolls)

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Koster Quellband Waterbar (Box 6 x 5m rolls)

Koster Quellband is used as a waterstop in concrete construction joints in new build basement and retaining wall structures

The robust strip is simply nailed onto an existing joint face before the consequent concrete pour. Any leakage through the joint activates the Quellband which expands to fill any cavities in the joint to stop water leaks.

Quellband is a sodium-bentonite based water swellable joint tape with an alkalinity activated surface coating which stops premature swelling of the tape on the building site, which breaks down during the swelling process and the resulting paste seals all cracks and voids permanently.

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1 review for Koster Quellband Waterbar (Box 6 x 5m rolls)

  1. Adam Pool

    Easy and to install. We use this on the kickers for basement walls. It rained when we installed it but no prboelm.

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