Koster NB Elastic Grey – 33kg – External Waterproofing

: £132.00
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KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey is a waterproof and radon resistant cement coating, with great adhesion to all mineral substrates.

NB Elastic Grey is suitable for waterproofing balconies, terraces, buried roofs.

It also makes an excellent waterproof coating, as part of a combined system, for use on basement swimming pools, water tanks, and wet and damp rooms underneath tiles and ceramic coverings.

It has excellent crack bridging capabilites and can bridge up to a 2mm crack, so it’s ideal for use on difficult applications, as a sealant / filler to repair and waterproof cracked concrete.

Coatings made of KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey are resistant to wear, elastic, and waterproof. It’s abrasion resistant, resistant to corrosive liquids such as dilute acids and alkalis, and possesses a good UV-resistance.

Versatile, easy to install and with the option to apply on tiles directly, Koster NB Elastic Grey is fantastic product.

The 33kg two part pack is combined and mixed on site and trowel applied.


Rate : 3.6 – 4.5 kg/m²

1 Pack will cover : 9-7 square metres.

Product Data Sheet can be found here.

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