Koster KD System Pack – Instant Basement Waterstop

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The Koster KD System Pack – Instant Waterstop stops water ingress and leaks in basement walls and slabs quickly and easily.

The Koster KD System Blitz Powder is firmly rubbed into the water leak to quickly seal the fault. The system pack provides all three steps to securely seal water leaks in basement walls, floors and soffits.

Sealing of active water leaks is important to then allow for the application of a Type A tanking system such as Koster NB1 Grey or a Type C Delta Cavity Drainage Membrane.

For areas with stronger leaks (including an active water spout), a larger amount of Koster KD Blitz should be pressed firmly onto the leak. After a few seconds the leak should be stopped.

Product Data Sheet can be found here.

Weight 8 kg

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1 review for Koster KD System Pack – Instant Basement Waterstop

  1. Piotr Petrovic – Able Groundworks

    This stuff really helped. I use it so seal any pinhole leaks in a wall before applying waterproof renders. I always have some in the van.

    They used to do a smaller size which was handy. Can this be brought back?

    There are videous on youtube that show this stuff in action.

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