Koster KB Flex 200 Cartridge

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Koster KB Flex 200 Cartridge

Koster KB-Flex 200 is a permanent plastic sealing compound ideal for the fast sealing of pipe and cable penetrations, cavities and for custom detail waterproofing solutions against moisture and pressurized water.

Prior to application, the Koster KB-Flex 200 cartridge is laid into warm water and heated to 30 ?C. This ensures that the material has the optimal consistency for application. The application area flanks must be thoroughly cleaned from the inside so that they are free of dust, sand and other loose particles.

Koster KB-Flex 200 must be applied so that the ratio of the width (w) to the diameter (d) of the installed material is not below 1.5:1. The maximum diameter of the waterproofing is 300 mm. Before applying Koster KB-Flex 200, a backing is installed in the penetration at a depth of 10 cm using a common 2C expanding foam.

Koster KB-Flex 200 cartridge is then placed in the gun and the material is pressed into the penetration from back to front using the integral nozzle so that the resulting layer thickness is at least 8 cm.

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Data Sheet KÖSTER KB-Flex 200

 MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet KB-Flex 200

1 review for Koster KB Flex 200 Cartridge

  1. Roger Smith

    This stuff is really good. I used it to seal around a gas main in an under pavement vault. Stopped the water coming in right away.

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