Koster FS-V Waterproof Movement Joint Vertical

: £97.20
£92.50 £111.00

Koster FS-V is a waterproof movement joint sealant for vertical waterproof movement joints.

Suitable for use to create waterproof movement joints, waterproof expansion joints and waterproof settlement joints.

Koster FS-V is typically used as part of a basement or deck waterproofing system to seal movement and expansion joints before the application of the primary waterproofing layer.

Koster FS-V is a waterproof, polysuplhide movement joint sealant and is used to waterproof basements, foundations, car parks and concrete and masonry structures.


Koster FS-V Consumption.


Joint Width101520253035
Required Joint Depth81012151820
Consumption KG/M0.
One 4kg pack fills: metres of joint30.16106.44.43.6


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