Koster Blitz Waterstop Sealing Powder 15kg Tub

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Koster KD2 Blitz Powder 15kg

Koster KD2 Blitz Powder is a super high performance, instant waterproofing powder with an extremely short setting time.

Koster KD 2 blitz is one of the most useful systems that we stock and should be a feature of any good waterproofer’s armoury. KD2 blitz is used to quily seal and stop water coming through a surface before the application of the full waterproofing system. (For example Koster NB1)

Active leaks in basement walls and floors can be stopped within a few seconds simply by using the dry powder.

Also used in combination with Koster KD 1 Base and Koster KD 3 Sealer for the negative side waterproofing of mineral surfaces such as for internal basement waterproofing. The Koster KD System stops flowing water and forms a permanent waterproofing layer on masonry and concrete.


The environmentally friendly Koster KD System stops active water ingress and safely seals off pressurised water from the negative side. It is resistant to salts which are harmful to the building structure and to aggressive substances which are present in the ground. Salts will not detach the fully cured Koster KD System coating from the substrate.

Fields of Application:

For waterproofing basements walls, basement slab, lift pits, concrete and masonry surfaces.

Koster KD 2 can also be used for sealing and closing cracks prior to the use of injection resins.


Approx 1 – 2 kg/m²